11.03-04.17 Fenrir's Mayhem VI & Mayhem's Urban Assault - ltevebaugh
Fenrir's Mayhem VI and Mayhem's Assault Photo Package Options
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It is the athlete's responsibility to check in with the photo team (comprised of Isabelle Ramirez, Jesse Clements & Luke Tevebaugh) on game day, before your first heat. You can also find Erica Davis at event check in and she can take care of you regarding photo packages.  At this check in the athlete will be marked on both elbows with a unique mark. These marks will let the photo team know the athlete is their client and they'll train their cameras on that athlete during the event. If the athlete isn't marked, the athlete WILL NOT get photographed. No refunds will be given to paying athletes who fail to check in for the photo team's elbow marking.


Participation in this photo package is an express acknowledgement that each member of the photo team and Fenrir's Mayhem and its owners have the athlete's consent to use these photos in a commercial capacity.


The photos obtained by the athlete through this package may not be used by the athlete or anybody else for commercial purposes. If the athlete has sponsors or corporate partners who may want to use these photos for commercial purposes, they may contact a member of the photo team and a deal can be struck. They are very reasonable folks!


Each athlete participating in a photo package is guaranteed 5 great shots. S/he is likely to receive 20+. When the photos are ready and uploaded, the notifications and download links will be made available via the event FB page.


If you'd like to get a better sense of each photographer's prowess with a camera, visit the IG accounts below:

https://www.instagram.com/ltevebaugh/ (Luke Tevebaugh)

https://www.instagram.com/wodhawk/ (Jesse Clements)

https://www.instagram.com/valkyrie.photography/ (Isabelle Ramirez)

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