11.11-12.17 FGL & GRID 6 Championship Weekend Photos - ltevebaugh

Hello Exercise Racers!  If you want to preview and/or purchase individual photos from the Championship weekend you can use this link here:


Each individual photo is $9.  If you see more than 5 you want, just pay $50 with thePayPal link on this page and I'll send you all the photos of you.  I'll have to hunt, download, and send you an individualized link.  If I miss any photos you can just let me know which ones and I'll get those to you too.  Let me know!

(No offense, but unless we know each other quite well you'll need to send me a screen shot of one of my photos of you so I know who I'm looking for.  You can email that to info@LTevebaugh.com.)

Finally, PLEASE PLEASE don't take screenshots of these photos to use for any other purpose than what I mentioned in the line above. I actually, literally buy food that I feed to my 3 children with the money I make from photography.  When you use my photos without paying for them you take the food right out of my children's mouths.  Don't be that guy.

11.11-12.17 - FGL & GRID 6 Indiv Photo Package
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