15.2 CF MDI - Fri Night Lights - 3.6.15 - ltevebaugh

Hello my friends at CF MDI!!  Thanks so much for having me in to document the success you ALL ended up having with 15.2 of the CrossFit Open!

Here's how this works.  You see the payment options to the right.  After looking through the photos that will have come to you in a link from another email, you'll pay for your photos.  If you ONLY want to download 1 photo, select the 1 photo option at the right.  Ditto for ONLY 2 or 3 photos.  If you see more than 3 photos OF YOU that you want to download, just use the ALL THE PHOTOS (of you) option for $25.  This is an honor system.  Please don't download photos of other competitors.  (If you see photos where the focus is someone not competing, please take it and share it with those folks.  No charge.)  Thanks for participating.

If you have ANY questions please holler at me at info@LTevebaugh.com.  

Thanks again!!


15.2 MDI Fri Night Lights Photos
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