The Ripped Games @ CrossFit Ripped - 5.31.15 - ltevebaugh

I will only be taking photos of athletes who participate in this offer.

$50 applies to 1 team of 2 athletes. $35 applies to 1 athlete.

It is the athletes' responsibility to check in with me before the event begins. I will mark the athlete's arms in a manner specific to this event so that I know who my clients are for the day. Without this mark chances are good I won't photograph you. And I can't give refunds if you don't check in with me.

Purchasing this Photo Package ensures that I will deliver at least 5 good shots of each participant and you will have full access to all my photos of you. You are likely to receive many more than this.

By participating in this offer, you grant Luke Tevebaugh and CrossFit Ripped the rights to use these images in their marketing and in the marketing of this event's sponsors.

The Ripped Games - CF Ripped - Photos
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